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Spring Back Into Exercise... The Safe Way!

As spring is still battling its way to us here in Kingston I am reminded from the number questions which clients pose to me about returning to activity and sport after such a long and hard winter. I was reading an arcticle from and it reminded me of how many weekend warriors and athletes still believe that when it comes to working out "NO PAIN NO GAIN" should be applied. This couldn't be furthur from the truth. Although when one does push through pain in events and races you can accomplish your goals past your regular fatigue level. This strategy should be considered a one off and should not be encourage on any level as recovery is needed.

It should be noted that training into fatigue on a daily and weekly basis encouarages faulty movement and motor patterns to develope. These faulty patterns result in improper muscle recruitment and stabilization and result in posisble future injury.

Pain is there for a reason. Pain is a single sent from the local tissue to the brain to let the brain know that there is localized trauma occuring. When we work through pain we result in tearing and damaging muscle tissue beyond the normal extent of regrowth. I think a better and more applicable saying should be "Never train past the pain". Take this into account and enjoy the spring. For more tips see below or stop by the office.Inorder to maxmize your workouts and the enjoyment of exercise keep the following in mind:

1) Start slow! You cannot get to where you were in a day or even a week. Enjoy the process.

2) Work toward a realistic goal. Have a race or event in mind and along the wya set benchmarks you wish to meet.

3) Enjoy the Process. Exercise should be fun. Enjoy the gains your make and the fact that your are benefiting your life in the best way possible.

4) If you have pain during or the following day of activity then take time off, rest and recovery and if appliciable seek medical advice and intervention. Remember your cannot train past the pain.

5) Always have fun!

Written By: Dr. Michael Korczynski


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