Winter Adventure!

This is a change of blogging style from my usual, but thought I might update and try to encourage everyone to get out into and enjoy our beautiful snow covered country. I myself have not been on cross-country skis since the obligatory fieldtrip in grade 11 with Holy Cross’s gym class. I do recall it being a lot less physical demanding back then! But thanks to the encouragement of my brother-in-law I rented some skis from Sepp’s and off I went to a very snow covered lake.

Although it was -22 Celsius on day one, it was still great fun skiing the length of Graham Lake. With a few base layers we were more then comfortable and worked up a killer sweat on a few hours of skiing. I am including some epic falls as “skiing” as well.

Post skiing we shoveled the lake and now it was my time to shine as we cleared a small rink and passed a puck around. Is there anything more Canadian than putting on a Calgary Flames sweater and skating on a frozen lake at night!

The next day we decided to try a local cross-country ski club. So we traded in the lake and off to the Triangle Ski Club we went. We were treated to +3 Celsius and that made a huge difference not only to the skiing but to the enjoyment as well. Wearing a pair thin mitts and a jacket off we went, it was a huge difference in gear required from the day prior. After being completely humbled by the difficulty of cross-country skiing in the backcountry we returned to the clubhouse and enjoy probably the best cup of tea that has ever been made.

Tick the box for the cross-country skiing adventure!

Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors this winter. Take your time, enjoy it, and tackle a reasonable challenge within your means.

Written By:

Dr. Michael Korczynski (DC)

Source: (Kingston Chiropractic and Rehabilitation)

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