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Winter is Here! Beware of the SNOW!

Winter is HERE!!! With the arrival of our real first snow fall this winter please remember some handy tips for preventing injuries and strains when shovelling. 1) Take your time - injuries are more likely to occur when your muscles are cold and have not been stretched or warmed up. So be realistic with how long it will take you for your driveway. 2) Know your SNOW! Is it heavy wet snow, icey, or soft fluffy snow. Be prepared and adjust how much you are able to take with each shovelful. 3) Lift with your legs!!! Save you back. 4) Put the shovelled snow as far from the curb as you can, this will prevent massive snow banks in the months to come. and make future lifting easier. 5) Know you limits and your body! There are worse injuries then a sore back and strained muscles. If you not used to regular exercise then tackle the driveway in small amounts at a time. Or better yet I am sure there is a cheeky neighbourhood kid who would love to make a buck or two. If you feel a strain or sprain come in and have it checked out. Don't start your winter off with pain and a nagging injury. After all snow is meant to be fun!

Written By:

Dr. Michael J Korczynski


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